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Things To Consider Before Starting Piano Lessons

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Ever since I was a child, I wanted to learn to play the piano. My grandmother had a small electric organ in her dining room and I would spend hours playing on it. Unfortunately, I didn’t have space for one at home, so my parents never sent me for lessons. My daughter is now almost 9, and desperate for piano lessons, so I’ve been doing some research. Read on to find out which things to consider before starting piano lessons. There’s plenty to learn!

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Things To Consider Before Starting Piano Lessons

The first thing to consider before starting piano lessons is whether you’re going to invest in your own piano. A lot or people will opt to go to a piano tutor to begin with, to make sure they really enjoy playing before investing in their own.¬†This is a wise move if you’re not sure the student will stick with piano lessons.

Alternatively, you can always opt to rent a piano from somewhere like Markson Pianos. This way, the student can take their lessons seriously, without spending thousands to begin with. Prices start from ¬£30 per month, so it’s not going to break the bank either. Plus if there’s more than one piano student in the home, it’s even better value.

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Tutor Vs Online Tuition

If you have a piano at home, you can use online tutors or in – person tuition. Most in – person lessons will take place at the Tutor’s location. So you will need to factor travel into the cost of learning to play the piano. Video calling is a relatively new way to be taught how to play the piano. Your tutor will connect with you over Zoom, or such like, and teach you the basics. Additionally, they can get you to angle your camera so they can see your hands as well.

If you already know the basics and have your own piano at home, video lessons are a good option. However, I suspect learning alongside your tutor is a better option – when it’s safe to do so, of course. (The current UK lockdown restrictions mean it’s video lessons or nothing, at present). Online piano lessons count as home schooling, right?!

There’s An App For Starting Piano Lessons

If you already know the basics of playing the piano and just need to refresh yourself, there are lots of apps and free online tutorials available. I’ve downloaded and tried several of them myself, but never managed to follow them successfully. If you’re already able to read music and are familiar with the keys and hand positioning, they are a good option, and make it more affordable to learn to play the piano.

child sat at piano at home, after parents researching what to Consider Before Starting Piano Lessons

My Decision

In the end, we decided to wait until my daughter can have her initial piano lessons alongside an actual piano teacher. There were several reasons for this… Firstly, our daughter can’t yet read music, and she definitely learns better when in the same room as her teacher. Additionally, this means we don’t need to buy or rent a piano until she is sure she wants to pursue the Piano. (She’s tried and quit a large range of activities, including swimming, gymnastics, ballet, tap dancing, and drama).

Finally, let me know in the comments if you came up with any other things to consider when starting piano lessons.



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