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5 Easy UK Picnic Hacks

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Today, I’m sharing 5 easy UK picnic hacks. It might only be May, but we’ve already had a couple of picnics this year. Easter weekend was eerily hot in the UK, so we started the year as we mean to go on… By dining alfresco! (OK, so it was only a couple of rushed picnics in the park, which is a 2 minute walk from our front door)… They still count though, right?

5 Easy UK Picnic Hacks

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Freeze Your Drinks In Advance

Chances are, space is limited in your picnic basket (or backpack, if you’re anything like me). One of my favourite easy picnic hacks is to keep a couple of small water bottles in the freezer. When an impromptu picnic calls, you can pop them into your picnic bag, and they’ll work as ice packs AND drinks later on.

Repel Bees And Flies With Natural Oils

Bees and flies hate the smell of Eucalyptus. put several drops of this magical stuff around the edge of your picnic blanket to keep the pesky insects away.

Eucalyptus oil vial. Itmakes great UK picnic hacks.

Keep Clean

Pack baby wipes to clean up hands and faces post picnic, as well as a bag for your rubbish. (Take it home with you if possible, to avoid the bins overflowing and littering your local beauty spots).

Keep Drinks Covered

The last thing you want is flies or dust in your drink. To get around this, we tend to use water bottles (as mentioned above). Alternatively, you can put a cupcake case over the top of your glass, and pop a straw through the middle of that to keep it in place.

Wrap Your Gadgets

Accidents happen when you’re all having fun. I’d definitely recommend popping your smartphone into a zip-loc bag, or wrapping it in clingfilm. It’s not just spilt drinks you need to worry about either – I have lost count of the greasy, mayo covered thumb prints on my screen when I’ve been trying to snap a selfie or a photo of the picnic blanket.

Just Average Jen has some fab Slimming World friendly picnic ideas, so you don’t have to be naughty to enjoy some quality time outdoors this summer!

Finally, if these easy UK picnic hacks have been useful, check out my lifestyle category for more inspiration!


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    Love the natural oils tip – definitely going to try that – thanks!


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