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Tips for working from home while home schooling


Chances are you too have been forced into the role of home ed teacher too, if you’re reading this. We are now 12 weeks into our home ed journey, and it’s not been easy. During our time at home, I have picked up a few great tips, and also had some epic fails. So with that in mind, today I am sharing some tips for working from home while home schooling. Please note, I cannot take credit for coming up with all of these ideas, and will credit the idea originator as and when possible.

Tips for working from home while home schooling

The first thing you need to get your head around is that unless your kids are 13+ and have amazing self discipline when it comes to school work… You’ll find it impossible to do a solid 9-5, at your desk. Most companies are pretty flexible when it comes to working from home in an emergency. Any work you can get done is better than none, after all.

Make A Timetable

Personally, I find a timetable helps keep kids (and grown ups) on plan. If the kids can see that once they’ve finished their Maths, they get to do some baking or go for a walk, it tends to motivate them more. I now know which lessons the kids can manage without support, so I plan my video / phone calls during those times. Additionally, don’t be afraid to plan in a film or tv show to break up the kids’ day and free up a bit of time for you to get some work done.

Life Skills Are Important Too

Home school doesn’t all have to be about worksheets and websites – there’s plenty more to learn. A lot of friends have taken advantage of their extended time at home and taught their kids life skills. Anything from baking to ironing counts. And the extra pair of hands helping do some jobs frees up a bit more desk time for parents.

Get Outside

Cabin fever is real. So try to get outside every day if you can. Even if it’s just the garden. My friend is an absolute genius and got his kids working in the garden on their laptops. They made this “train” and he got 90 minutes of solid admin done for his business – Salford Double Glazing… While they all used “purple mash” – an online learning resource.

Don’t Put So Much Pressure On

No matter how much you’ve shielded your kids from the reality of why they are suddenly home schooled, they are bound to be feeling unsettled by the current situation. So cut them some slack – and yourself! They won’t be given a year’s detention if they haven’t completed all 596843 tasks their school has set. Honestly, I’m not convinced all of the work is even being marked anyway.

If your child’s behaviour is changing, ask them to write down how they are feeling. Home school journals are great for this. Anger and aggression are rife amongst school kids at the moment, so it’s worth addressing the issues. A lot of kids are struggling to engage with school work at home. Explain to their teacher(s) and hopefully they’ll reassure you.

Finally, if these tips for working from home while home schooling have been useful, these WAHM memes will definitely make you laugh a little today.

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