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My Typical Child Free Weekend


Since I became a single parent, my routine has changed MASSIVELY. One of the things we never got as a couple was child – free time. Now we’ve separated, I get every other weekend to myself. So today, I thought I’d share my typical child free weekend routine. Before I get into that, it’s worth remembering that I work all week, so my house is usually a bomb site by Saturday morning.

My Typical Child Free Weekend

My child – free weekend starts at 10am, when the kids are deposited at their Dad’s. I’m usually absolutely exhausted as my son doesn’t sleep well. My first port of call post drop – off is usually the supermarket for whatever I need. Once I’m home, I’ll walk the dogs. (I’ve got two boxer dogs, so even though I’m child free, I can’t exactly drop everything and disappear off the radar all weekend).

Post walkies (and inevitable dog baths), I will generally have a brew and half an hour to myself, before operation scrub the house commences. I’m in the middle of flipping my house. So there’s usually plenty of dust from freshly knocked off or plastered walls, drilled ceilings or paint specs to clean. in an ideal world, I’d love to go for afternoon tea with a friend now and then. It rarely happens though.

Work Work Work

Once everywhere is clean, I’ll usually have a soak in the bath. My bathroom is straight from the 1950s and pretty draughty so I rarely stay there longer than half an hour. Once I’m squeaky clean, I’ll inevitably find myself in front of my laptop catching up on work or getting ahead to take some of the pressure off my Monday.

My partner usually comes round in the evening, so I’ll work until he’s here. Then it’s usually a take away and chill in front of the TV affair – unless he’s here early enough to head out and watch the sun set somewhere. The local lake is one of my favourite places to do this.

Hollingworth Lake at sunset - taken on my typical child free weekend

Sleepy Time

Every other Sunday is my lie in day. If I’m up before 11am, it’s an outrage! (Today is one such day, so this post was written on Friday and scheduled for publication, so I can sleep in).

Post lie in, we usually head out for breakfast somewhere then go back to mine and crack on with some DIY – no rest for the wicked! This weekend, I’ve got a skip out front, so we will be emptying decades of junk from the brick out – house, attic and wherever else I’ve stashed stuff to dispose of.

Back To Mum – Mode

I collect my son at 6pm, and we usually head out to walk the dogs once he’s home. Covid is definitely having a pretty huge impact on my typical child free weekend. We used to have a date night and go to the cinema, bowling or for a meal or such like. Not any more though. I really can’t relax when there’s loads of people around.

So there you have it – A typical child free weekend really isn’t that exciting, is it! Finally, I was inspired to write this post because today’s blogtober prompt is “Saturday Night”.






  • 17/10/2020 at 5:31 pm
    Jenny H Lord

    Sounds lovely! I find whenever I have the chance to have a lie in something scuppers it anyway…

  • 17/10/2020 at 7:33 pm
    Kim Carberry

    It sounds like you have a lovely weekend without the kids. x

  • 17/10/2020 at 8:55 pm
    Jupiter Hadley

    Sounds like a good use of your free time!

  • 17/10/2020 at 9:36 pm
    Dana, A Mamanista Life

    Your weekend sounds perfect to me, We have had boxers in our family since I was a child, they are the most beautiful dogs xx


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