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Ways To Boost Your Energy Levels

sleeping woman - ways to boost your energy levels

Life as a working parent is hard, and there never seem to be enough hours in the day. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I find I am constantly chasing my tail. My to do list seems to grow longer each day, and I never seem to have the energy to get everything done. With that in mind, today I am sharing 5 ways to boost your energy levels. Let me start by saying I need to take my own advice here!

5 Ways To Boost Your Energy Levels

This post is intended as a bit of a brain dump, and something for me to refer back to. Particularly when I am dead on my feet and can’t work out why.

1). Boost your energy levels by sleeping more

This one is a complete no brainer, of course. The more sleep you get, the less tired you’ll feel. If only it were that simple! I’m lucky to make it to bed by 11pm, and am usually up for the day long before 6am. The joys of being a work at home mum! Admittedly, I could turn the TV off sooner and go to bed as soon as the kids do at least 4x a week.

woman asleep in bed - ways to boost your energy levels

I am very good at avoiding the chores so they don’t interfere with my sleep time. I need that down time in the evening to stop depression rearing its ugly head. So when it’s a choice of sleep vs down time, the latter wins at least half the time.

2). Eat Better

I am my own worst enemy with this. When I’m tired, I grab convenience food. This, in turn makes me sluggish so I grab more convenience food. I know I feel better when I eat healthily, but finding the time (and motivation) to do it is hard for me. I need to give myself a metaphorical shake and make it happen, though!

3). Exercise More

Walking the dogs is pretty much my only form of exercise these days. I used to love swimming, but rarely find the time now. Getting out in the fresh air works wonders at “blowing the cobwebs away”. It really does energise me and I find my day is more productive when it starts with a good dog walk. Anyone local is welcome to borrow one go my dogs any time they want to get out and about!

4). Check Your Drinks

If you drink alcohol, this will impact your energy levels. Alcohol is a natural sedative, so when it’s in your system you’ll feel less energetic than without it. Alcohol affects the quality of your sleep too, so that nightcap isn’t always a good idea.

The same thing applies to sugary and caffeinated drinks. These will give you a temporary surge in energy, but this takes its toll on your body.

5 ways to boost your energy levels - pinterest pin. Showing a woman face down on a table holding a coffee cup and an alarm clock

The “crash” afterwards will leave you more fatigued than you were before the drink. Energy drinks are the same – this is why it’s easy to drink several in a day.

I am a big tea drinker. I used to easily drink 10 cups a day. This past month, I have reduced that to 2 or 3, and am already feeling better. I’ve upped my water and squash intake, so am more hydrated than I was before too.

5). Speak To Your GP

If you have tried the first 4 steps, and are still exhausted, it’s time to speak to your GP. After years of struggling, I finally mentioned my own exhaustion to my GP. One blood test later, I was diagnosed with a severely underachieve thyroid. I have to take medication for life, but it helps a lot. There are loads of other things which can cause tiredness too – Low levels of Vitamin D is a big one, as is anaemia, low vitamin B12 and other conditions.

I hope these ways to boost your energy levels have been helpful. Finally, why not check out my lifestyle category for more posts.



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