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Retro Bathroom Remodel Ideas


I recently took on what can only be described as the ultimate fixer-upper home. It’s been in my family since the 1950’s, and a lot of the fixtures haven’t been updated in all of that time. The bathroom, for example still has the original cast iron bath! I am keeping the bath and sink, but have grand plans for the rest of the room. So today I am sharing my retro Bathroom remodel ideas. Read on to find out what I am planning!

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Retro Bathroom Remodel Ideas

While I am a huge fan of retro, I do love modern pieces too. The bathroom as it is now has a large cast iron bath, sink and huge cupboard which houses the boiler. I am currently torn between adding an overhead shower to the bath, or installing a Kohler Luxstone Shower where the cupboard is now.

One thing I am certain about is that the bath and sink are staying. The original aqua green tiles are not, though. I guess what I am going for is a blend of modern and vintage. The bath and sink are white, so while I could add some colour with the tiles, I’m not yet sure what to go for. The below photo is not my bathroom, but the wall tiles are almost the same colour.

retro bathroom remodel ideas - green tiles in the bathroom

Tile Choices

At the moment, I am torn between going for a basic white square tile. This will definitely work out cheaper, but I don’t think it’ll add anything to the room. Alternatively, I am considering going for a white subway tile, and adding a pop of colour via the grout.

The bathroom in my house does not have a toilet – this is in the room next door. This is also an original feature, although I did have to replace the cistern when I moved in. The tiles are blue, and come 2/3 up the walls on all sides. This makes the room pretty dark, and it definitely needs brightening up.

I really love how the below bathroom blends old and new tile styles, to pull everything together. So I am wondering if white subway tiles and a more traditional floor tile would tie everything together in my bathroom.

Bathroom remodel ideas - old and new being tied together

Flooring Options

The bathroom doesn’t have a great deal of square footage, so the flooring isn’t as overwhelming as the wall tiles are. This is why I think a bolder floor choice would work well. I’m torn between using tiles like those shown above, or opting for a more cost effective cushioned vinyl, instead. If money were no object, the tiles would definitely be my choice.

Fixtures and Fittings

I mentioned previously that I’m keeping the original bath and sink. So it’ll come as no surprise I am opting for retro style taps. The ones I have gone for are very similar to those pictured below.

retro taps on sink


Realistically, it’ll be a while before the bathroom is renovated. However, I hope my retro bathroom remodel ideas have helped to inspire you with your own remodel plans. Finally, check out more of my lifestyle content here.



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