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Must Have Winter Baby Clothes

pregnant woman holding up a long sleeved vest - one of the must have Winter baby clothes

This year, two of my younger relatives have had their first babies. Over the past week, they have both asked me which baby clothes are essential moving into Winter. So with that in mind, today I am sharing my thoughts on must have Winter baby clothes. I live in the UK, so my choices will reflect a typical UK Winter.

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Must Have Winter Baby Clothes

My own children are both June babies, so they were both 6 months old by the time their first Christmas rolled around. For me, layering was always the way forward when it came to baby clothes. One thing I learnt quickly with my children was that babies grow out of clothes really quickly. So it’s a good idea to keep your purchases to a minimum – especially in the first year. So read on to find out what I dressed my kids in during the colder months.

Long Sleeved Bodysuits

My kids both wore long sleeved bodysuits (or baby vests) under every outfit during Winter. With my son, I usually stuck to basic white ones for bed time. Whereas I opted for prettier designs during the day. I loved that I could remove top layers from my son, and the top half of his bodysuit doubled as a t-shirt. This was the perfect solution when you were in a warm house, visiting. For my daughter, they were the ideal solution as I could use them under dresses as well, so it saved buying extra layering tops.


I was a big fan of sleepsuits for both of my babies. Sure, jeans or tights and dresses are cute, but they must rub their tummies. My daughter had a dairy intolerance and her tummy was usually swollen. So in her case, onesies were most definitely the comfiest choice. Again, we tended to stick to plain white ones for overnight, and saved the cute ones for day wear.

Loving Mother Holding Mixed Race Baby Boy At Home. He's wearing a baby grow (or sleepsuit). One of the must have winter baby clothes

During Winter, going out meant wrapping the babies up in a snow suit, so their outfit wasn’t usually seen anyway. This meant I tended to save my kids’ best outfits for the rare occasions we were going somewhere special. Otherwise, comfort and warmth definitely came first for me.

A Warm Hat

My babies both had far more hats than they needed, as I loved to make sure they matched their outfit perfectly. I spent many an hour browsing Etsy to find unique ones. This was my favourite one. (I took this image from my other blog).

Toddler in a cute Winter hat and toy glasses


Chances are you’re planning on spending a lot of time out and about, with your baby in their pram or pushchair. If so, keeping them warm is definitely easiest with a snowsuit. It’s worth mentioning these should never be worn when your baby is in the car, as they can overheat quickly. So only put it on if you’re going to be outdoors for a while, on a cold day.

Foot Muff

While it’s not strictly clothes, a footmuff is a great alternative to a snowsuit. This is a fleecy liner which goes inside your child’s pushchair. Their legs and body are zipped inside it once they are strapped in, so they keep nice and warm. If you opt for one of these, make sure your child has a warm coat on.

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