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How to have a clear out and actually make money

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I don’t know about you, but my lockdown part two was certainly a little bit more productive than the first time around. Mainly as I decided to take advantage of the time cooped up to do a super decluttering. I went full Marie Kondo, my friends. So with that in mind, today I’m sharing tips on how to have a clear out and actually make money. Read on for my tips. 

How to have a clear out and actually make money

My epic clear out has taught me several things… Firstly, my children need to stop growing so fast, as they have far too many old clothes that I need to get rid of. Additionally, I need to be more sustainable in my purchases. I have so much to throw out or donate,  as I really don’t want to feel that I am adding even more to the already massive waste pile… We’ve got to be kinder to Mother Earth after all. 

So I did some investigating into how I can make sure my old items can be recycled… I was delighted to find that I can actually make some money while doing so… Amazing! Here are some of my top finds below: 

Check your drawers and give phones a second life 

One of the first things that I started to address in my epic decluttering (I admit that I really did put off doing the wardrobes until last…) was my drawers and cupboards. Mainly the tech drawer, which my ex was very protective of. This drawer was full of old battery packs, devices and mainly, old phones. I recycled a couple of handsets and those alone paid for 2/3 of the Christmas presents I had to buy for my son. 


Fabulous furniture seeks a new home..

Next, I addressed the furniture. I’d redecorated in lockdown part one and had plenty of things to get rid of. However, I just didn’t want to take them to the skip. So after some research, I discovered amazing sites such as gumtree, pre-loved and Facebook market places. You literally just post your items and price to your local area and the people who purchase are able to come to pick the items up. Literally being paid to declutter and not having to leave my house? Yes, please. 

What’s unwanted for you is another fashionista’s dream… 

woman sat on floor sorting the contents of her wardrobe after reading how to have a clear out and actually make money.

Finally, we get to the clothes. This was a hard one for me as I love clothes but I made sure, to be honest about what I would and would not wear again. This method lead to me getting rid of half of my own wardrobe. I was recommended a clothing resale site called Thred up as a place to resell my clothes. Unlike eBay, you don’t have to worry about auctions etc. Safe to safe I made a little profit and the children were chuffed too as I gave them the money from the resale of their old items to incentivise them to take part in my tidy up. Mothers sure are resourceful, aren’t we? 

So have my tips on how to have a clear out and actually make money inspired you to declutter?! Also, what are your thoughts on reselling and recycling your old things? Let me know below or continue the conversation over on our social media channels as I love to hear from you. 




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