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How To Create A Great Home School Journal

Create A Great Home School Journal

Like most other UK parents, we have found ourselves thrown in at the deep end with home schooling recently. Our daughter’s school have been amazing in setting lots of academic work for her to complete. However, I wanted to give her a creative outlet. Somewhere safe for her to document her home school journey, in a fun and unique way. So we came up with the idea of a home school journal. Read on to find out how to create a great home school journal. They don’t have to cost a lot and you’ll be surprised at the resources available online!

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How To Create A Great Home School Journal

Lockdown means we are having to come up with new ways to get our kids to engage in education activities at home. Since my daughter loves reading and writing, I figured a journal was likely to be something she enjoyed.

Rather than buying a pre made journal, I decided on a personalised approach. This meant that my daughter could mix up the page layout and use different fonts as and when she wants. I had some A4 slide binders, and thought these were a good option. Using one of these to keep all of the pages together means she can insert and remove pages easily.

Ideas For Journal Pages

I made some basic A4 templates for her, to help her come up with ideas for her journal entries. One looked like a book review template. There was space for her to write information on the book… (The title, author etc). Additionally, she could add a drawing of characters as well as writing her review of the book.

how to Create A Great Home School Journal

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The next page was titled “Dear Diary”. I opted to use a graffiti font for the header, so it looked funky. This page had lines printed on it, so she could neatly put her thoughts down onto paper. As well as the Diary page, I created a page titled “Today I…” The idea is for her to document what she did on a specific day here, so she can look back on it later. I opted for a script font on this page.

The Third page design was literally a plain page with a frame around it. The idea being that she could draw on these pages. Next up, I created a template for her to write newspaper articles. The page looks like the front page of a newspaper, so she had space to write a headline, draw a picture and write a couple of dramatic sentences to hook in the reader. The next page looked like a regular newspaper page, and was designed for her to finish the rest of the front page story.

How It Went Down

My daughter loves being able to print off the template for whatever she wants to add to her journal on each given day. Additionally, she gets giddy about the fact her journal has a proper “spine” thanks to the slide binder holding everything together.

Create A Great Home School Journal

You don’t need to create templates like I did though – two minutes with a pencil and ruler can turn any plain sheet of paper into a great looking worksheet.

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