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Tips for working from home during school holidays

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When you’re a self employed parent, you don’t get holiday pay for taking time off with the kids. With that in mind, today I am sharing my tips for working from home during school holidays. As a mum of two, who also works from home full time, school holidays are a blessing and a curse! Read on to find out how I juggle all of my commitments.

Tips for working from home during school holidays

My kids are 6 and 7 now. My eldest has Autism and needs a lot more support and supervision than most kids of his age. This means holiday clubs aren’t really an option for him. This means I have picked up a few methods to make sure I can still work when school is out!

Schedule In Advance

I try to have as many posts in my drafts as possible so that I can still publish content, even when I am crazy busy with the kids. This means that you can step away from your laptop without feeling guilty.

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Write On The Go

This is something I have always done as a blogger, but I know lots of people don’t. I write blog post drafts in notes on my iPhone, then email them to myself. This means that when I do get a bit of time at my desk, it’s mostly tweaking I need to do.

Most parents in the park are staring at facebook on their phone. I’m usually either researching a blog post or writing a draft post.

Get The Kids Involved

My 6 year old loves writing blog posts. She has her own section on my other blog. Check it out here! Her posts are loved by lots of PR’s and other parents. She has a great following already!

Keep The Kids Busy

As a rule, I tend to plan a physical activity with the kids most mornings. This can be something like walking the dogs, going to the park or visiting a trampoline place. I find that by letting the kids (and the dogs) run themselves ragged in the morning, they are more likely to want to chill out and relax in the afternoon. This means they are happy to play in their bedrooms or watch TV for a couple of hours, so I can get some work done.

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Don’t Work All Night

As tempting as it is to work late in order to get stuff done, it’s a vicious circle! You’ll be exhausted the next day, and less productive than ever!

Play Dates

I owe my daughter’s friends parents a LOT of thanks! She goes round to her friend’s for a few hours once a week. This gives me time to catch up on work (and chores) without my shadow asking me what I’m doing every 5 seconds! I pay her friend back by taking her daughter along to drama with us each Saturday.

Finally, I hope these tips for working from home during school holidays have been useful. Check out my Blogging category for more inspiration!



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    Some great tips here – thanks for sharing!


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