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Ten Myths About Working From Home

myths about working from home

I was having a conversation with a freelance friend yesterday, and we were laughing about people’s assumptions. She was saying people assume we sit in our pyjamas all day. With this in mind, I have decided to share ten myths about working from home today. How many of them do you recognise?

Ten myths about working from home…

1). You won’t need childcare

WRONG! Unless your kids are old enough to look after themselves, you’ll still be “on duty”. If you have an important Skype meeting scheduled, you’ll need to get someone to help out with the kids. I am frequently “in the zone”, writing away, only to have to get up and help do a jigsaw or make a snack for the kids.

2). You can work whenever you want

WRONG! Yes, it’s true that you can plan days off to work around the kids at times, but work still needs to be done! Last week was half term. I was at my laptop until after midnight 3 times to keep up with work. I didn’t want to work then – I had no choice.

3). Your house will be immaculate

WRONG! My house is messier now than it’s ever been. When you go out to work, you’re “off duty” when you’re at home. Working from home means you rarely switch off your laptop. this leaves next to no free time for cleaning. It’s become such a problem here, I am considering hiring a cleaner!

4). You can work in your Pyjamas

This is my favourite of these myths about working from home! It’s also wrong! I still have the school run to do before I start work. So unless I’m doing that in my pyjamas, I will be dressed! I do fire up my laptop in the evening and work while in my pyjamas, but that’s more necessity than choice!

5). You’ll love having so much time to yourself

WRONG AGAIN! When you work in an office, the banter breaks up the monotony. If you’re working from home, you don’t have that. It gets lonely very quickly.

6). You spend all day on social media

Mostly wrong! I do spend time on there, but only because my job involves using it! If I want to get all of my to do list completed, I need to be disciplined! My day can either involve 6 hours of solid working, or 12 hours of working and being distracted.

myths about working from home - on phone

7). You don’t earn enough to make ends meet

WRONG – (now)! I am earning more as a full time blogger than I did working full time in a call centre. It’s not been instant though, and I definitely work harder now than I did then!

8). It’s a permanent skive

WRONG! As I mentioned earlier,  I have to be very disciplined if I want to pay the bills. While it’s true I can schedule my workload around the kids appointments, school plays and holidays… I still have to do the work! Evenings and weekends are usually spent working if I’ve taken more than a day off in the week.

9). It must be so relaxed

Wrong again! I feel like I’m constantly treading water. Self employment is stressful. Working hard enough to make sure your bills are paid and still finding time for your family is tough. I am far more stressed about money than I was when I worked for a big company.

10). Your kids must love it

WRONG WRONG WRONG! It drives my kids bonkers that I am at home but can’t play with them or take them out. My daughter in particular has a hard time understanding that even though I am at home, I can’t play.

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How many of these myths about working from home can you relate to? Finally, check this post out for tips for working from home in the school holidays!



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