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Five Working From Home Hacks


I’ve worked from home for the past ten years now. During that times, I have found some amazing ways to stay focussed, as well as some incredible drains on productivity. Today I am sharing five working from home hacks. How many of the can you relate to?

Five Working From Home Hacks

For me, the biggest factor in working from home is to have set “work time”. I’m not calling this a hack, as it’s a no brainer. If you know you’ll be in front of your laptop for 6 hours during the day, plan everything else around it! Now we’ve established that, let’s move on to the first of my working from home hacks…

1). Make Your Workplace Comfy

When I first began working from home, hubby bought me an expensive office chair. Unfortunately for my bad back, it was agonising to sit on and made my productivity close to zero. I spent every minute complaining about my achy back and it quickly became obvious the chair was the problem.

These days, I sit in the lounge on my armchair, with a cushion supporting my spine. I”m so much comfier! Some people need an office space. Me? I need an armchair!

working from home hacks - woman sat on armchair with laptop

2). Minimise Distractions

This sounds so obvious, but it’s crucial. As tempting as it is to get your food shop delivered at 11am when it’s cheapest… It’ll take a good 30 minutes out of your working day. Schedule your distractions around your working day. The same goes for appointments and coffee dates.

3). Have Set Tasks To Complete Each Day

If I don’t have a clear list of daily objectives, I can easily spend 6 hours browsing the internet and social media. I make sure my to do list for the day is achievable, and broken down into small steps. Some days, it could be “Catch up with expenses log”, “schedule social media posts for the week”, “Write a post on last weekend”. Other days it’s got 5 different posts I need to write listed on there.

4). Network

Working from home becomes lonely pretty quickly! So I make sure I meet up with someone in the same field at least once a month for a “working lunch”. We brainstorm ideas, discuss current issues and offer advice where possible. I find these are a great way to keep me focussed and feeling good about the content I am creating.

working from home hacks - working lunch

5). The final of my¬†working from home hacks is: Remember You’re Only Human!

As a working mum, it’s inevitable that some days, the kids will be sick and I’ll have to take the day off. Firstly, it’s important not to feel guilty when work HAS to take a back seat! So, if your little one wakes up covered in chicken pox, you’ll have to put them first. For me, I don’t have a grandparent on hand to help me take care of my children if they are unwell, so either myself or hubby have to take time off work.

Secondly, most people understand that life doesn’t always go to plan. In 99% of instances, a quick email saying something like this will be enough to stop frustration between parties… “Hi <insert name> I hope you’re well? Just a quick email to let you know my child is ill, so my piece won’t be ready until <whenever>. Let me know if there’s any issues with that. Sorry for the short notice.”

Additionally, it’s important to be realistic about how much work you take on. If your to do list is longer than you like, it will put unnecessary pressure on you. So prioritise the higher paid jobs and those which are fastest to complete. Turn down the jobs which will take up the most time for very little return.

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Finally, if these tips have been useful, why not check out my “business and finance” category!




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