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Considering Dating Following Separation


Life as a single parent is tough. Whether you’re doing it all yourself, or splitting parenting responsibilities with your ex partner, it’s challenging. Some days, it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Things I used to take for granted when part of a “stable” family unit are often left for months longer. Regular haircuts, holidays and other luxuries are often neglected to enable you to make ends meet. One thing which didn’t go away for me though was the need to socialise. So with that in mind, today I am sharing my thoughts on considering dating following separation. Read on to find out how I am finding it.

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Considering Dating Following Separation

When I became a single parent earlier this year, I quickly realised I needed to feel a connection with someone. I guess it’s just part of who I am. Growing up surrounded by siblings has meant I got to spend very little time by myself. As a result of that, I hate my own company. So when the kids are with their Dad, I struggle. After a little while, I decided it was time for me to begin considering dating following separation.

Initially, I decided to have a look online. There were so many apps and websites, I was a little overwhelmed to begin with. Each site seemed to be offering something different. I was fine if I wanted to find a fellow single parent to date. Or had I been looking for nothing but sex dating sites, there were plenty of options. It was a literal mine field.

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Other Dating Options

I know times have changed in the past 15 or so years, but not everything has to be done online. There are still ways to meet people in the real world, too. When someone catches your eye on the commute, in the workplace or at a bar… It’s fine to say hello, as far as I’m concerned. People seem too caught up in their smartphones to notice what’s right in front of them sometimes. So for that reason, I always try to smile when someone catches my eye – whether or not I’d consider them date worthy. A smile can make a massive difference to someone’s day, after all.

Ten Activities To Do On New Year’s Eve

With so many friends who are loved up, New Year’s Eve looked set to be a quiet one this year. I decided to come up with a list of activities I could do though, to try to keep things entertaining…

1). Volunteer – With so many people facing austerity, there are more places than ever crying out for volunteers. Food banks, shelters and many more places would be glad of your services, I’m sure.

2). Line Up A Date – With sites like No Strings Dating, its never been easier to line up a last minute date. Be sure to meet somewhere public though, and make sure someone knows where you’re going!

3). Girl’s Night In – Get out the wine and box sets, and have a chill session with the girls. No need to spend a fortune this New Year’s Eve.

4). Invite The Lads Round – Who am I kidding? Have a house party instead! It doesn’t have to be a crazy affair – just some tunes, nibbles and a strict “bring your own booze” policy.

5). Walk The Dogs – Fireworks are a huge trigger for most dogs. If yours is likely to be in by itself all evening, take it for a massive walk in the day to help it sleep through the noise.

6). Visit Relatives – If you’ve got no solid plans, maybe phone round your relatives and get yourself invited round for the evening.

7). Prop up the bar – Head down to your local and have a few drinks. There’s nothing wrong with women going into a bar alone now. If anyone questions you, just say you’re hiding from the kids.

8). Invite The Neighbours Round – If you’re not that well acquainted with your neighbours, maybe invite them round for a drink or two on NYE? It can be a great way to finally get to know them enough to ask them to take parcels in for you.

9). Offer To Babysit – If you really don’t have any plans, offer your services as a babysitter and pay it forward. Hopefully Karma will reward you with an amazing NYE next year, instead.

10). Sleep! – I am likely to be exhausted by the time New Years Eve gets here. The kids are with their Dad that night, but I’m expecting to be snoring by 10pm! The Christmas Holidays always take it out of me!

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